Why I’m Changing the Name of my Blog


As many of you know, the name of my blog used to be Gypsy’s Moto Travels.  I named it that back in 2013 when I got my brand new Triumph America, and named her Gypsy.  At the time, my understanding of the term, meant a free-spirited wanderer.

I was starting to hear whisperings that the term “gypsy” is not considered a positive descriptor.  I asked my partner about it, who is British, and she confirmed that the term is not PC in Britain.  I decided to do some research and here is a very short nutshell of what I learned from this article written by a Romani woman:

Romani (no, they are not from Romania) are the largest ethnic minority in Europe.  Originating from Northwest India, migrating through the Middle East and North Africa, to Europe.  The word “gypsy” was imposed on them because Europeans thought they originated from Egypt because of their dark features (P.).

Romani people suffered persecution and slavery, and still today experience racism as many minority groups still do.  I was ignorant to the plight of Romani people, and for that I apologize to anyone I may have offended.  So, now on to the new name and features.

You might think my new title, Denise’s Motorcycle Journeys, is simple and boring.  True enough, but I wanted the name to be something that was clear about what my blog represents.  I didn’t want to make the new name obscure or have a secret meaning only known by me because my intention is to reach as many motorcyclists (especially women) out there who are interested in camping, backpacking and traveling on two wheels.

So. With a new name also comes some new features.  You’re still going to get the visual stories of journeys but now I’m also going to be adding video.  And….I also have a YouTube channel in the works (if I can muster my courage).  My goal is to inspire more women to ride, camp and backpack all on two wheels.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, any type of journey is on hold.  I’m using that time to learn about making videos, editing, using my new GoPro Hero8, and coming up with topics that women might like to hear about.  I might even do a COVID-style contained campout in my urban back yard just for fun and a review of some lightweight gear and tips.

That’s all for now.  If you have any ideas or topics you’d like to hear about in upcoming posts or videos, feel free to tell me in the comments section.  Please stay home if you can and stay safe everyone!


Works Cited: P., Naomi. “The ‘G’ Word Isn’t For You: How ‘Gypsy’ Erases Romani Women.” Now.Org, National Organization for Women, 2 Oct. 2017, now.org/blog/the-g-word-isnt-for-you-how-gypsy-erases-romani-women.

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  1. Love the new name. 🙂 I had no idea either about the Gypsy connotation and thought them a beautiful, free-spirited people. But agree this name change is more to the point on what your blog is about and what your goals for women riders. good luck on the U-tube endeavor!

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  2. DMJ!! Awesome.

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  3. Denise’s Motorcycle Journeys is perfect!!!
    New logo time.

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  4. you are my inspiration! I learned something new about the “real meaning” behind the word, Gypsy. Thank you! I like like your new name.
    I truly hope to ride with you someday.

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  5. Hi Denise, That is an interesting story! Who would have ever guessed. I will keep watching it. Always fun to follow you. It must be making you sad to have to stay home. Watching the news is depressing. Now they say it will come back with flu next winter.God, you can,t do that. Some families are sort of liking it. No running around kids for activities. Kathy may come afternoon and we will distance ourselves out side. New ones are popping up in Faribault. Dickinson,big air continuing co. Has virus,also Turkey plant,so I guess it is all over. So need to stay our distance. Good thing you do not eat meat. We will all try that.I did hear also Tyson chicken,also. Oh well, has to get better.Have a good day,everyone! Love you all! Sent from my iPad


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    • Thanks mom! Yes, I heard too they are talking about possible more waves coming in Fall and December as flu picks up. Ugh! I guess we will have to watch and see, and keep our distance from each other. Enjoy your visit with Kathy and stay safe! I’ll call you this week–love you!


  6. I look forward to the new posts under the new name.

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