The Riders

Mostly I ride alone but I really enjoy sharing the ride with others too.  That said, I am picky about who I ride with.  I like riders who are safe and predictable on the road, yet still fun to ride with.  Here are the people you’ll see me referring to throughout various adventures.

Dick West is a friend I’ve known now for over 16 years who was introduced to me through Neil (you’ll read about him next).  Dick and I share the same love for dirt bikes, dual sports, Triumphs, twisty roads, and french fries.  Dick is an A rider and can ride any bike through pretty much anything.  He’s probably one of the only people I would trust riding 2-up with.  Additionally, he is the only guy I know who can get air while riding 2-up.  Dick is an all around awesome guy and just fun to be with.

Dick flying along...these days he does wear a helmet.D.jpg


Mike Carbin, aka “Crazy Mike” is a friend I’ve known for 16 years or so as well.  We met in a cycling group and became instant friends.  Later on, he bought a GS 800 (750?) and has accompanied me on several trips in search of aliens and other desert oddities.  IMG-5723img_3762img_3731

Neil is another bestie of mine who I rode with when I lived in L.A.  Neil and I rode dirt bikes together for a few years in the deserts of Southern California and became fast friends.  He kind of took me under his wing in a group of all guys and we became regular riding buddies.

Neil on his XR

Neil on his XR

The famous Husky memorial in the Mojave desert.

The famous Husky memorial in the Mojave desert.

Neil at Sturgis, at the Buffalo Chip waiting for ZZ Top to perform.

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