A café style, modified T100. Drop dead gorgeous.


  1. Hello, what seat is that. I have the same bike, I mean identical, except for theseat.


    • Hi there! I’m sorry I don’t know the name of this seat–it was a photo I found on Pinterest. However I do also have the same bike and got a seat almost identical from Corbin called the Gunfighter seat and it looks even nicer than this one. Check that one out, it’s made for Bonnies.


  2. Wow man…..your bike looks awesome. I have a 2006 Bonneville T100 completely stock and in great shape….but looking at yours I am now very tempted to modify it. Did you change the original fork as well?


    • Thanks Luis! I have not modified it much at all. Just added the crash bars, and the off road exhaust. Forks are the same but had them rebuild recently. Glad you like it. The T100 is my fav.


      • It really looks awesome. Yeah, I can see that you didn’t go crazy with it, just minor modifications, but just by removing the fenders and putting on wider rims and tires, as well as the exhaust, made a huge difference. You did extend the swing arm, right? It makes it look longer, which is cool.


  3. Ah I just saw the photo you were commenting on–that one is not mine, it’s a photo I found on Pinterest. I thought you were looking at my T100 on my profile. I wish it was mine! But yeah, removal of the fenders does make a huge difference and been thinking about that for mine too.


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