Well, Hello…Sunshine

skylineblvdWhat’s better than today being a Friday?  Taking an impromptu day off work to enjoy the full day!  I started out my morning with my regular cup of coffee, contemplating what I was going to do.  I had things that needed to be done, I even had a list made.  Then I noticed how the sun was shining on the trees and I thought, my list can wait.  I put on my motorcycle gear, threw a map in my bag and wheeled Dirty Sally outside.

Since it is Friday in the Bay Area (code word for bad traffic) I decided a little four-hour jaunt would be just perfect.  My favorite area to ride here is the south bay and beyond.  I headed toward Alice’s, the famous motorcyclist’s restaurant where you can get local, organic food, meet other motorcyclists, and show off your bike.  Alice'sFullSizeRenderyeehawhYou’ll not only see really cool bikes and sports cars, but the food is just as eye catching and mouth-watering.

JagIMG_4005While I was waiting for my veggie sandwich to arrive, I met two really nice guys at the table next to me.  Both riders, of course.  Dean, who was on a V-strom 1000, and Mike who was on an ex-police Harley.  We got to talking and it turns out they are both members of the Oakland Motorcycle Club.  I have never really belonged to a club–but they convinced me to stop by sometime and check it out.  I had visions of Hell’s Angels but they said it’s not like that, a good mix of men and women and a lot of adventure bike riders.  So, I took Mike’s info and we all headed our separate ways.

I decided I would continue on 84 and do a loop through Half Moon Bay.  If you have never ridden 84, you MUST MUST do so.  It is a motorcyclists dream of twists and turns, the kind that you can swiftly sweep through.  Beautiful redwoods and pines line the road and sunlight finds its way through in spots.

FullSizeRender157-Turn20ArrowsSkylineBlvdAt the end of 84, you come out to scenic Hwy 1.  If you head south (left) you’ll find yourself in Santa Cruz, I headed north towards Half Moon Bay.  I was treated to beautiful views of the coast and stopped to snap a few photos. IMG_4017 copyIMG_4016After hanging out at the nearly empty beach for a bit, I decided it was time to call it a day and head back to Oakland before the Friday crazies decided to get in their cars.  I am exploring this area more and finding so many hidden gems on the map that I have yet to try.  It takes about 40 min of super slab to get out of the city and then you’re treated to these beautiful views and quiet roads.  A Friday off work very well spent, I’d say.

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  1. Love the photos and love that you ditched the to do list and followed ur heart!!


  2. I loved the pics of HMB! That top photo was where BT and I rode our bikes one year we were camping at HMB State Park. That is one of my favorite rides, I know exactly where you took that photo! Heaven, just pure heaven.


  3. Love love love.


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