Day 6, Last Day in Moab

Today was our last full day in Moab.  We decided to go south of Moab and search for Picture Frame Arch on Behind the Rocks Road.  This was a pretty sandy trail but still fun.  We searched for the arch but never found it.  The journey to look for it was still fun, and we saw this:

It doesn’t seem to matter where you go in this place, you’re always going to see something beautiful.  We decided to ride back towards town and pick up Kane Creek Rd.  This time we decided to ride it further out to see some new scenery.  It was overcast which gave the rock formations a darker red tone.  The road out to this trail is gorgeous with the Fall colors.

We continued on this trail, and then rode to the beginning of Hurrah Pass.  Here we stopped for a few photos before our descent down into the canyon. 

So, one thing these mountains are known for are Big Horn Rams.   However, they are very rare to actually see.  In Edward Abbey’s book he talks about being a park ranger here for three seasons and never seeing one.  Well, guess what I saw walking towards me?  We quickly cut our engines and Dick got this amazing shot of him finally running off.  This pretty much made my whole day.

We descended into the canyon and again, saw so many amazing rock formations.  I took a few more shots but again, the camera doesn’t really do any of it justice.  

We ended our day around 3 pm so we could start the job of loading bikes, gathering gear, and showering the dirt off.  We’ll head back to California early in the morning.  I’m sad to leave here but also feel pretty lucky to have the chance to see it on a bike.  I will definitely be back!  Closing with my end of day selfie: tired, lots of sun, kind of bummed to go, but happy. Thanks for reading along! 

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  1. What an amazing trip this has been! Please don’t be too sad about leaving, I am sure you will be back soon x

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  2. Well……………this is my one and only comment for the whole bunch of posts here.
    BEST Moab trip ever…………I saw new things and did rides I have never done before. And this was my 6th or 7th Moab trip.
    Thank you Denise………….


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