Day Trippin’ in my Back Yard

It’s mid-winter and compared to the rest of the country, California fares pretty well.  We’ve had much-needed rain, but when we finally got a break, I was dying to get Gypsy2 out for a spin around the back roads.

Destination: Sunol Regional Wilderness area.  The park is a nice spot for lunch, but it was the roads to get there that were the main event.

Old Tunnel Road led me from my backyard (ish) to Pinehurst Road, which is every motorcyclists dream.  There is no day-dreaming while you’re riding this road though- lots of off-camber hairpin turns but oh-so-fun! pinehurst

From here, Redwood Rd led me the rest of the way.  For the next 40 or so miles I enjoyed fresh pavement, curve after curve and almost no other cars on the road.  IMG-6920

Just after lunch, I pulled into Sunol Regional Wilderness area.  The Bonnie took a rest while I had my Chevron lunch–beef jerky, water, and a protein bar.  IMG-6912

With a happy tummy, I made my way into the Visitor’s center for a look around and grabbed a map to check out future hiking possibilities.  This place has a ton of trails, and it does not seem to be too populated. IMG-6913

Inside, they had a few live critters to look at, and this little guy came right up to the glass to say hello.IMG-6915

Even though it was not far from my  home, it was heaven to be out all afternoon on the twisty roads. My final stop was at Redwood Regional park up in the Oakland Hills.  A beautiful place for a hike, so I took a short loop before heading back home.IMG-6917

A good day, indeed.  More rain is coming so I guess in the meantime, I’ll just start thinking about where the next trip will take me when the sun comes back out.  Wherever you are, stay warm and dry, and keep the rubber side down!

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  1. nice pics! Bet you had a fun day out there.

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  2. Looks nice and warm there. Here, another cold front, bare trees, brown grass and rain on the way (again). 😦

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