Triumphs in Taos

For years I dreamed about venturing out on a solo motorcycle trip somewhere.  Not just a one-time adventure but something I could do at least annually to discover something new; whether it be a National Park, a new mountain range, a small town, or a quest for the best coffee shop.  I always seemed to have a reason why I wasn’t ready; I can’t take the time off right now, my bike is not set up to tour, my bike is too old, my bike is too small, I’m not a bike mechanic etc.  I finally have come to a point where I can’t think of any excuses, it’s time for me to do it.  On August 30th, I’ll be riding from Oakland, CA to Taos, NM.

The Land of Enchantment

The Land of Enchantment

What’s in Taos?  Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful,enchanting haven in Northern New Mexico, it’s also the hosting spot for the Triumphs in Taos event.  The weekend of Sept 6th Triumph riders from all over the US will gather for a weekend of various rides that explore some of the most beautiful places in New Mexico.  I’ve always had a strong love affair with the Southwest, particularly New Mexico, so I didn’t need any more reasons to start planning my adventure by bike.Taos, NM

For the past few months I’ve been poring over maps laid out on the living room floor, glass of wine in hand, looking for the best routes to go.  Criteria include desolate back roads, twisties, red rocks, road-side diners, and locals.  I’ll be on the road for roughly two weeks.  The questions I get most often are:  1) “Why”?  2) “You’re going alone”?  and my favorite: 3) “Are you crazy”?  My answers?  1) Why not?  2)  Yes, I’m going alone.  3) Define crazy.  Stay tuned to this blog on August 30th and follow me on my maiden voyage across the Southwest.  This will be the first of many trips to come.


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  1. Very cool stuff AmericanGirl. Just watch out for those old phart ninjas.


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