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Today I installed my new waterproof GPS mount from RAM.  Knowing that a downpour can happen in the desert when you’re least expecting it, I thought it might be a wise investment.  I bought the Medium RAM Aquabox since it fits with my Garmin Nuvi 1450.  I love this model because it has a big, bright screen that is easy to see on the bike.  The downside is, the case is HELLA big.  It looks like I have a TV attached to my handlebars.  Not the look I’m going for but…after much deliberation I decided it’s better than my GPS getting rained on.  I did think about using a Ziploc but, it is not fully able to close and in driving rain all day at speed I thought better of it.

Large and in Charge!

Large and in Charge!

All mounted up and ready to go.  BIG!

All mounted up and ready to go.

One more thing I need to mention about this case.  In the back of the case is a small circle you can punch out to run your power cord through the back.  This would be awesome if the mounting plate also had a hole for the cord but it does not.  So, I had to get creative.  I used a hacksaw blade and cut away a small groove for the cord to get through.  It was a slight pain in the ass but it worked.  1000% waterproof?  Probably not, but there is a thick foam pad inside to make the GPS unit fit nice and snug, so if a few drops of water happen to get in from the groove, it would probably not reach the GPS unit.

The groove I had to cut in the plastic for the cord.

The groove I had to cut for the cord.

I don’t plan to use GPS on my upcoming Taos trip because I will be taking the long way and mostly back roads.  The GPS will surely become pissed off while it nervously re-routes me every five minutes.  This is why it will likely be turned off.  However, it will be nice to have just in case I get too lost out in the middle of nowhere, while the sun is going down and it’s raining.  Murphy’s Law:  If you have it, you won’t need it.

One last little tip I want to mention that is super handy for any moto trip.  For this upcoming trip I’ll be staying in hotels along the way.  I booked them all through  They have a free app you can download on your phone and it gives you all of your trip information.  No more printing out 2 week’s worth of hotel reservations, just open the app on your phone and all the information is there.

All my hotel reservations at a glance.

All my hotel reservations at a glance.

Click on the one you want and it shows all the details.

Click on the one you want and it shows all the details.

No more fumbling through papers when you arrive (picture the infomercial).  This app will even give you your confirmation number, what type of room you reserved and even directions how to get there.  However, it’s likely you’ve planned the long way so you can ignore the directions.  Just don’t lose your phone. No worries though, if that does happen, the information is still retrievable off any computer or tablet.  Just be sure to always check your zippers before pulling out of the gas station.

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