Triumphs in Taos has Begun

So far the thunderstorms have been sporadic and held off on my ride.  Today I spent the morning with my aunt and uncle in Los Alamos and had a lovely time visiting with them.  It was so great to hear my uncle David tell stories about my dad and their lives growing up.

I left just after lunch since Taos is very close to Los Alamos.  I arrived in just a bit over an hour, around 2:15 pm. The roads here were scenic and quiet.  I pulled into the hotel and at first wondered if I was in the right place.  I did not see any motorcycles at all.

Once I got settled in my room, I started to hear the familiar sound of Triumphs rolling in.  I opened my curtain and saw them starting to creep in.

Mine is the covered one, of course.

I decided to head out for dinner, then check out more when I got back. I found a little place called Lumina that had fabulous Napa Valley wine selections.  At the end of my meal I put out my credit card and the waiter told me someone anonymously already paid my bill!  I asked the waiter who and he just said, “it’s a mystery”. I felt like saying, well then–bring me another glass of wine!  So, that was fun. I asked the waiter one more time and he wouldn’t tell me who so….I guess I’ll never know.

Back at the ranch the fire was going and some local Pueblo dancers were doing ceremonial dances to the drum so I hung out and watched for a bit, loving the drum and their singing.   After that was done, all the Triumph people started to trickle out of their rooms and joined me by the fire.

Everyone was super friendly and suddenly I was getting fist bumps when people found out I rode out from Oakland. Then I met Bob, one of the leaders of the rides this weekend and he asked me to join him tomorrow for a ride around a loop called the Enchanted Circle. Sounds cool so I told him I was in.  Then on Sunday another guy said he’s going to Ojo Caliente mineral springs and invited me to join him and a few other guys so looks like my rides are all set for the weekend barring any storms.

Triumphs in Taos is off to a great start and I can’t wait for the rides and meeting everyone this weekend.  There are lots of Bonnevilles, Tigers, and Speedmasters here this weekend. There are also a few vintage Bonnies so I’ll be getting some more photos tomorrow when it’s light out. Eye candy for sure, stay tuned!

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  1. Ok, now I am official envious of your ride. I mean……….great scenery, and Triumphs. Life is grand.
    Have a blast Denise. This one very cool ride.


  2. Ahhh cool! I wonder why someone paid for your meal? But really great all the same.


  3. Wow, very nice surprise indeed on the dinner! Looked like a great first meeting day.


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