Rest Day…sort of.

Today was my second day in Santa Fe, to rest up and take in the sights.  I enjoyed sleeping a little later, and not having to pack everything up was also a special treat.  But the best thing about it was, I got to eat somewhere that was not a gas station!  My first days on the road I have not had much luck with the hotel continintal breakfasts so I end up getting a cheese stick or something stupid.  Not today!  I had breakfast at Luminaria, one of my favorite breakfast spots in the Plaza.  Jac and I have been there before and I was looking foward to a real meal.  I was not disappointed.

After breakfast I walked around the plaza, admiring the architecture and checking out the handmade jewlery that the artisan vendors sell out on the boardwalk at the Palace of the Governors.

After a few hours, even though I had not seen all of the shops, I felt like I had.  You know how one store starts to look like the rest?  I looked over at Gypsy and I felt like if she had toes, she’d be tapping them.  Like, “are we done here yet”?

And then I saw this sign….

I hate to admit it, but I was bored with the Plaza.  I wanted to get out and ride.  I walked past Starbucks and people were sitting inside texting.  I thought, what’s the point of being in a beautiful place like this if you’re not really seeing it?  So I got my keys out, hopped on Gypsy and off we went to find something pretty.

I didn’t really know where I was going and did not have GPS on.  I went down some random county roads and found little art studios out of people’s homes, rustic-looking farms, and my favorite, the daisies by the roadside.

I then ventured on a little more and found an old gas station that was abandoned.  It had a Mobil sign hanging sideways with bullet holes in it.  I realized I wasn’t sure where I was or how to get back.  I eventually figured it out and on the way I stumbled upon a little stand where a lady was selling fry bread.  I put the brakes on and bought some from her, it was so good!  I also happened to find Camel Rock, out in the middle of nowhere.  Pretty cool.

The Pino fire is still burning in the Santa Fe Nat’l forest.  I guess it was started by lightning, which is now pretty much under control but it is still covering the mountains somewhat.

After my little exploration off the beaten path, I decided to head back and get something to eat.  My Uncle David, who lives in Los Alamos recommended The Shed in the Plaza.  My first choice was Cafe Pasqual’s but I knew I was too late for that, you must have reservations for that place but I highly recommend them if you get a chance to go.  The Shed was an excellent second choice though.

Fish Tacos with Avo

After dinner I headed back to my hotel and relaxed, a great rest day indeed.  The weather forecast has surprises for me–thunder storms predicted Friday through Tuesday.  Right on the weekend of the Taos gathering!  Ah well, I do have my rain gear so I am prepared.  But if it’s storming and lightning I won’t be joining a group ride.  I have my hotel there for three days so I’ll grab my book and head to a cafe or take in a museum.  I know whatever happens it will be an experience!  Stay tuned for day 6, heading to Los Alamos and riding the awesome Hwy 4 (voted one of NM’s best motorcycle roads).

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  1. Hey D! I’m just now caught up reading your posts and you are doing great and love hearing and seeing everything you’re doing! So proud of you for doing this trip! I look forward to reading more each day! Love and miss ya! Stay safe and ride em cowgirl! Love Molly


  2. Enjoy the road today! I love that the shops left you bored. A great sign if settling into a new frame of mind…




  3. The Shed! I remember they had the best fish tacos and margaritas! Love the story of your ride off the main and all the photos you sent. I’ll think positive thoughts that the rain & lightening storms will stay away. Say hi to Uncle David and Aunt Winnie for us. 🙂


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