Last Day in Taos

Again we got lucky with the weather today!  It poured last night but I woke up to sunshine and just a few clouds.  We all decided to go next door to the Ale House last night, then from there we started up the bon fire again.  It was fun, and I finally went back to my room at 2 am.  Needless to say I woke up a bit later and was in some serious need of good coffee so I headed to Michael’s Cafe–one of the best breakfast places in town.

Fresh Veggie Omlette at Michael’s

After breakfast I found Joe and we sat out on the patio with one more cup of coffee discussing possible rides to do for the day.  Since neither one of us really know the area, we went to find Bob to see if he might lead us somewhere spectacular again.  Once again, he did not disappoint.  Today we did a southern route that started off on the high road to Taos.  This is one of the most beautiful roads yet that I’ve seen.  New Mexico is a motorcyclist’s dream.

Me and Bob up on the high road 518

We continued south over the Sangre De Cristo mountains and Santa Fe Nat’l forest with twisty roads and gorgeous views.  We then made our way back up on a sweet little road, route 434 from Mora that cut through the pine forest and ran alongside Coyote Creek.

Gypsy, the Tiger, and Joe’s Sprint GT

 Helmet Selfies

We ended our ride coming up through Angel Fire and eventually back into Taos.  We stopped for lunch and then back to the hotel where I started getting ready for tomorrow’s journey.  I am sad it’s over already but I had fun while I was here and made many new friends.  Tomorrow was supposed to be one of the big rain days and I have about 350 miles to cover.  However, the weather report is looking better so it may not be so bad.  I will meet Joe and Bob for breakfast tomorrow and then we’ll all go our seperate ways.  Tomorrow’s destination, Gallup, NM.

Triumphs in Taos, wonderful weekend and lovely new friends.

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  1. Safe travels to Gallup! Glad the weather was with you over the weekend. Stunning photos!




  2. I was just reading your blog Denise because I was curious what you really did to say about me…clearly you did edit it…hahaha You are a very courageous lady…safe travels. I enjoyed meeting you and riding with you. Please keep in touch and I hope our paths cross again on our motorcycles….Bob


    • Thanks Bob, I enjoyed meeting you as well and I appreciate you letting me tag along on the rides–it really made my weekend memorable. I do hope we can ride together again some day, I’m sure we will as this is just the first of many of my trips to come!


  3. The pictures are STUNNING! Thanks for sharing these…ride safe little one! Glad you met new and fun friends to ride with. 🙂


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