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I believe any type of adventure is usually better when shared with friends.  There is something about sharing experiences and then laughing about them around the campfire after a long day’s ride.  Some of my favorite rides have been with my friends.  Dick and I have ridden all over Northern California, experiencing it’s majestic mountains, fall colors, and hairpin turns on the backroads.


Dick and me on the Mosquito Bridge

Mike and I have ridden all over the deserts of SoCal and Nevada in search of Area 51, ghost towns, haunted Opera houses, and local brews.  .


Crazy Mike and I, after a long day in the desert

These experiences I will treasure forever, but every once in awhile, I’ll get the urge for a solo trip and feel the need to go it alone.  One morning, while sipping coffee in my favorite chair, I came upon this photo:


Ship Rock formation in New Mexico

That was it.  I saw this photo of Ship Rock, and in my gut I knew I had to go see it.  Something about it called to me, and I then realized I wanted to make this a trip of my own.

Next Saturday, I’ll point the Bonnie East, and head out for my 2-week solo adventure.  On my map are highlighted locations of Moab, UT, New Mexico, and Colorado.  On Sept 25th will be the full moon (Harvest moon) and I’ll be 11,000 feet closer to it in the mountains of Colorado.  A good time to soak in the moon rays, and reflect on the beauty that is this life.

Sometimes you just have to go where your intuition takes you, and see what happens.  I hope you’ll follow along.  More to come…

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  1. Sometimes…………………………

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  2. You are right Life is better shared with friends. And every once in awhile we must go it alone in search of what our soul needs. I’m excited for your solo trip to see this beautiful rock and the stories you will tell us about it. Be safe and don’t forget to stop and take some pictures along the way too. Reach out if you ever need us! 🤟🏽

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  3. We’ll be watching! I’m excited for you. 🙂

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  4. Shiprock is awesome, jutting out in the middle of nowhere! We saw it a few years ago on our way home from Moab. Looking forward to the trip report. Have a great time!

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