Trippin’ in 2016


Heading into ghost town territory in Idaho-Aug 2015

It can be said that 2015 was a year of change, turmoil, and loss for many people, including myself.  I read somewhere that the end of 2015 was meant for our own personal clean up after the whirlwind of storms.  Clean up is in progress, but also what it meant for me was planning my moto adventures for 2016.

Looking back the past few years, there were some amazing places right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. where I started my moto journeys.  Looking at these places and reflecting on my experiences, helped shape my ideas for 2016.  Here are a few throwbacks:

Moto excursions consisted of a 2-week long solo journey of the Southwest, a week-long adventure to the Saw Tooth mountains of Idaho, and several shorter weekend explorations to ghost towns of California and Nevada.  Some trips I set up a tent in the woods,  while other trips offered the comfort of a hotel room.

After much thought, I decided to save my 2-week long solo trip for next year.  This year, I’ll join friends and take two trips, both about 1 week long.  In between those two bigger trips will be many weekend adventures, maybe solo, likely camping out somewhere under the stars.

FullSizeRender 2

Camping on the river near Downieville, CA July 2015

2016 is all about adventure.  All moto trips are adventures but the difference here is, the roads traveled will be off the beaten path, and likely where pavement ends.  The first week-long adventure will begin in beautiful and mysterious Death Valley.

Death Valley

Photo courtesy of Death Valley Nat’l Park

I’ll be joining my friend, Crazy Mike and 4 or 5 other guys on this trip, camping out at Furnace Creek.

For the first time, we’ll be trailering our bikes to our destination (don’t hate).  Anyone from California knows the ride from NorCal to SoCal is pretty unremarkable.  Long, traffic-ridden super slab for 520 miles.  Sure, you can take the (even longer) 395 for more of a view, but we want to maximize our ride days in Death Valley, so hauling the bikes in a trailer will be just fine.

We’ll be riding to most of the major sights including:  Ubehebe Crater, Sailing Stones at Racetrack, Lippicott Canyon, Scotty’s Castle, Artist’s Drive and so on.  The area I want to see most is the road to Barker Ranch which was the final hiding place for Charles Manson and his “family”.

barker ranch

Barker Ranch: Photo source unknown

Moving on to adventure #2:  My best riding buddy, Dick and I will be taking the dirt bikes to Moab in September.  Amazingly enough, I’ve never been to Moab yet so this will be an exceptional treat.


Photo courtesty of Moab Tourism Office

Again, we’ll haul the bikes to our destination because, they are dual sport bikes that are happier on the dirt than on the freeway.  As with Death Valley, we want to maximize our time there and I’d prefer not to ride 900 miles on the freeway with a dirt bike.  Camp? Cabin?  Hotel?  Not sure yet, but more to come soon.

Goodbye to many things in 2015, and hello to a new sun rising.  I hope you’ll follow me on my excursions, both big and small, but always ending with good stories, great photos, and hopefully a smile.


New Mexico desert sunrise

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  1. Two great sounding trips.
    With many more little trips before, and after

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  2. Sounds awesome. I’ve had two attempts to try and get to Death Valley and I’m not going to try this year so I look forward to hear all about yours. Hopefully you don’t run into the obstacles that I did!


  3. “Hello to a new sun rising…” Love that. Looks like you are in for some awesome adventures! Yay, 2016!

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  4. Hello to a new sun rising!! Wishing you excellent adventure in 2016.

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  5. Absolutely love this blog. Everything!

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  6. I’m excited for you sis! One of these days I’m going to meet you where you are. :)! Have a great year out there. Julia & Griz are planning to go to Death Valley possibly, while they’re here in February! Maybe you’ll run into them. They’re trying for Furnace Creek but no dates set in stone yet.

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