Arriving Home


Friday I arrived home from my Taos trip, Jac was at work and I pulled in the driveway and just sat for a minute.  I couldn’t believe what seemed like just yesterday I was rolling out of the driveway, a big bundle of nerves.  Two weeks had passed by so quickly, and I had such an amazing time and met so many cool people.  Now here I was, back in my driveway and I must say it felt so good to be home.  The first thing I did was park Gypsy in the shade, then took off my helmet and went to the door.  I called out to the kitties and they came running.

Pickles running up to me

Pickles running to me.

Jac had left me the beautiful flowers and card which brought a smile to my face.  I couldn’t wait to see her in just a few short hours.  I unloaded Gypsy, unpacked my gear, did my laundry and took a shower.  I was tired from the long ride home.  It was the stint from Barstow which is nothing but 400 miles of I-5 and heat.

As I rode up the interstate through the central valley I was shocked by what I saw.  I knew California was in a drought, but living in a city you don’t really “see” it.  Everything seems like an endless supply because you’re surrounded by concrete.  I saw what used to be orange groves, almond trees, and avocado trees just dried up and dead.  I’m not talking a few trees, but the whole grove.


I saw open fields of of nothing but dried up grass and dust with signs that read “stop the dust  bowl”.  When I was in Needles and Barstow, the water from the sink smelled funny.  The “clean” water in the toilet was an odd shade of pinkish brown.  I passed farms that looked like they used to have cows, but now totally empty.  I felt ashamed for being so ignorant to the degree of the drought.  I just never saw it until now but it made me think of some changes I could easily make at home to help conserve.

The next morning I got up and was looking forward to GOOD coffee!  I couldn’t wait to start my day of getting things put away and cleaning up Gypsy.  She definitely looked like she had seen 3,400 miles and I wanted to clean her up.  Next week I’ll be bringing her in for service so she’ll be all ready to go for our next outing.



Getting the bugs and grime off.

Getting the bugs and grime off.


My next few trips will be weekend runs up the coast, maybe some bike camping and I’ll be mulling over where my next big trip will be.  I’m thinking Utah or Montana.  I’d love to go on a hunt for ghost towns across America.  What do you think?  More to come!


All cleaned up and ready for the next adventure.

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  1. Congrats to ride well done. I loved your blog and looked forward to reading it every day. And knowing that you were ok and having a blast. Remarkable ride you did. A very rare and small percentage of riders have the guts to do what you did. The ride is one thing. All by yourself……..that is quite another thing to add to your adventure.
    We are proud of you. And happy you are back.


    • Thanks Dick, that means a lot and I am so glad you enjoyed the blog. I look forward to more adventures and hope you and I can ride again soon, I’d love to check out the fall colors in your neck of the woods. Thanks for always being available. It’s easier to take a trip alone when you know you have friends like you who would help out in a heartbeat if needed. Let’s ride soon!


  2. Hi Denise,So proud of your trip and I am so happy it went well and you are safe.As a Mother,I will always worry.Love you Sweetie!


  3. Enthusiastic clapping. You did it!! Start planning the next journey!




  4. Well done little sista! Yes like mom said, we worried but we knew you would have an unforgettable journey. Welcome home, what fun (and a comfort) to follow you along on this blog. Keep it up, just let me know when you’re going again! 🙂


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