Bonneville Speed Week Canceled for 2014

Photo by Southern California Timing Association

Photo by Southern California Timing Association

A major bummer for all involved, just last week the SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) postponed Speed Week due to flooding.  However, they just officially canceled it due to the conditions.  The official statement from the SCTA reads:

“From your SCTA Advanced Crew, it’s raining now. Speed Week at World Finals on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats has been canceled. The Advanced Crew; which consists of the SCTA President Scott Andrews and Race Director Bill Lattin; reviewed the BSF race courses and determined that they are too wet to have any reasonable expectation of being dry enough to provide a quality race course.”

Photo by Southern California Timing Association

Photo by Southern California Timing Association

If you’re following this blog you likely know about Bonneville Land Speed Racing but if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a sport that consists of people who drive drag race cars, motorcycles, streamliners, and even diesel trucks  to “shoot the salt” in hopes of becoming a record holder for speed in their respective class.

Photo by Murilee Martin

Photo by Murilee Martin

Bonneville-Speed-Week-2013-Racing-Prudhomme-Poteet-Landspeed-054-650x433Next year, weather and race conditions permitting, Jac and I will likely pack up the dirt bikes (Dick West, wanna go?), camping gear and head out to watch all the racers at Speed Week.  It’s a week full of racing and participants come from all over the world to try and set a speed record.  Spectators get to walk through the pits, view the vehicles and chat with racers and their crews.bonneville 2012 lowbrow

If this sounds cool to you, be sure to check out the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian”.  It’s a true story about Burt Munro (which is a story all in itself) who won the land speed record in 1967 (under 1,000 cc class) on his Indian Scout V-twin.   It’s the movie that made me want to go see Speed Week for myself someday.  That someday will be August 2015!

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