Journey to Bodie, via Sonora Pass

My journey to the Eastern Sierras started out with a heavy dose of patience getting out of the city and through the super slab portion of the ride.  It took a good two hours to get past the Bay Area, and through the hot central valley that was already loading up with Friday commuters.  Luckily, I didn’t need my side cases on this ride so lane splitting helped me get through the mess a bit faster than the autos.  

Once I got past Friday traffic, and onto hwy 108, things got a whole lot prettier.    This sage-lined road winds through meadows intersected by the West Walker River.  It takes you just north of Yosemite National Park, and up through little Sierra towns like Strawberry, Mi-Wuk Village, and my favorite; Soulsbyville.  I was treated to the orange-gold hues of Leavitt Meadows and beautiful pine trees and boulders lining the roadside.

I worked my way up, up, up through the mountains and finally to the tallest peak of Sonora pass (9,624 feet).  I was amazed by the beauty of the yellow leaves on the aspen and cottonwood trees in the backdground but I didn’t gaze at them too long as there are portions of this road that have 180 degree turns and in some places a 26% grade.  I felt like I could scrape my knees in some corners.  I only met a few cars and they were nice enough to pull over so I could fully enjoy the curves.  

After coming out of Sonora Pass, Bridgeport was only 30 minutes or so away.  I arrived at my digs for the night.  Willow Springs Motel which is located just a few miles from Bodie Ghost Town.  A cute, clean little place and very nice people.  I was happy to get here as it was a hot trip and I pushed myself to arrive before sundown (lots of deer).  My little cottage is just perfect for tonight and Dirty Sally is parked just outside my door.  They even give out real keys!


Across the road is a cute little restaurant where I had dinner and did some people watching.  Great food, so I’ll definitely be back for breakfast before I hit the trail tomorrow.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s hauntings of Bodie!


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  1. Makes me feel like I was there on the Pass with you. Great part one. Can’t wait for your next post. Ride safe.

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  2. Sweet! Looks lovely. Can’t wait to read about today ‘s adventures.


  3. Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see the shots of Bodie.

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  4. The little motel looks so charming! I wish I was with you!!! Waaaa!!! Lol

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