Day 3, Red Rocks, Petroglyphs, and Rock Crawlers-Oh My!

Last night it rained on and off throughout the night so it made for good sleeping.  We woke to overcast skies and chilly weather so after breakfast, we decided to go take some photos of the petroglyphs off Potash road, play with the Rock Crawler remote control jeeps, and head out to see Fisher Towers.  This was just the start of our morning.

First stop, Potash road–probably one of the prettiest roads I’ve been on.  The rock cliffs are so massive, it’s almost hard to wrap your brain around all of that beauty.  The photos hardly do it justice, but I tried my best:

Climbers actually scale these walls, and as I said before, these photos don’t give you the full sense of how massively tall these are (probably around 1,000 feet high in some places).  

The petroglyphs were pretty fantastic.  It leaves you wondering what some of the drawings meant.  Some were maps (I think) while others were ceremonial symbols or animals.

After checking these out, we headed further up the road to Long Canyon, got some shots of Jug Handle Arch and checked out the trail there.  We’ll be heading down that trail later this week.  Once again, stunning landscape.

Jug Handle Arch

Road into Long Canyon

Basking in the sun up on the rocks


After checking this place out, we headed a further bit up the road and found an excellent place to take the Rock Crawlers out for a spin:

Playing in the Dirt

These things are amazing!  It was a challenge to see if we could make them climb all the way to the top of the rocks without crashing down or flipping over.  I nick-named mine “Big Red”, it had a VERY sassy attitude.  

After getting our fill of the remote control jeeps, we headed onto our next destination, Fisher Towers.  Leaving this area, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful this dark sky looked against the red rocks:

On to Fisher Towers!  These towers are isolated remnants of a 225 million-year-old floodplain deposit.  When the Colorado Plateau was uplifted, the salt deposits underlying the region buckled, and the erosion from that caused the exposure of Fisher Towers.

If you like old Western movies like me, you’ll recognize these.  Fisher Towers served as a backdrop for movies and some commercials.  Some of the old Westerns were Wagon Master, The Comancheros, and Geronimo.  You can do an out and back hike up here that goes for about 2.5 miles which brings you closer to the towers as well as a beautiful panoramic view of the whole area.


We were getting near the end of our day, and the last place we rode to was a spectacular area on Hurrah Pass and Cane Creek road which led us through more stunning canyons along the Colorado River.

We rode down a few switch backs that were super fun, and then zipped along these perfect dirt bike roads to take in more scenery.  A lot of secret canyons and big views.

Caught the tail end of his wheelie

The massive view at the end of our ride

End of Day Selfie!

Today was definitely a fun-packed day, leaving my mind a bit on sensory overload.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an area so stunning and magnificent in my life.  I look forward to a few more ride days, although I know I won’t see it all on this trip.  We don’t have a plan yet for tomorrow, but you can bet I’ll have some good photos.  Until then, goodnight from Moab. 




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  1. Sometimes cloudy days are the best! Keep the photos and adventures coming!

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  2. Stunning!! I’m so jealous, you guys look like you’re having so much fun. The photos are incredible Denise! Love them!

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